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Vidéo Production

Nos normes établies créent un produit inoubliable avec votre histoire.

Consistent, original, custom content to take your social media impact to the next level. Let us create premium and professional social media content for you that will increase your influence on the web and beyond. Subtitled video content consistently receives more views and interaction than text or image posts alone. At WideAngle studios we can help you meet your social media marketing and brand needs. Whether it is through a short commercial, explainer video, or animation, these videos are produced to high standards and have been carefully designed with small and medium-sized organizations in mind.

Are you looking for help creating video and animation content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn accounts? WideAngle Studios has a professional team that can assist you in reaching more people than ever. Choose a subscription service that best fits your needs or contact us about how we can help you reach your social media goals.

Restaurant Chef


Weekly Videos

Four 15-second videos on any topic released each month



Red Typewriter


Monthly Animations

One 30-second animation released each month



Editing & Post Production


Weekly Videos & Monthly Animations

Four 15-second videos and one animation released each month



Video Production equipment


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